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Jake Likes to Play Games

Total Ratings: 20 | Average Rating: 3.8


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Anne Meyer, 5 Stars
06/28/2010 - 03:53pm

This book is a great tool for helping young children read emotional signals from others and understand their own emotions. The coaches provide great modeling for children!

Joan Biese, 3 Stars
04/16/2011 - 12:35pm

Great idea for a book about dealing with emotions; the spoken words, however, do not always match the text, so I can't recommend it to my young pre-readers, and rated it much lower than I would if it had been accurate.

Danielle Scarpa, Unrated
03/08/2012 - 05:26pm

I was a reason get ur own books

Danielle Scarpa, Unrated
03/09/2012 - 04:16pm


Danielle Scarpa, Unrated
03/12/2012 - 06:15pm

today is my birthday next weekeed

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