Making History:

Poster of the Boston Massacre
Paul Revere's famous poster of the Boston Massacre
poster showing a crowd of men and boys from Boston on the left, arranged in a disorganized group. Two men are laying on the ground, bleeding and a third man is being carried away. On the right side of the poster, British soldiers, dressed in bright red jackets, stand in two lines and are firing their long guns into the crowd. A commanding officer, slightly behind the soldiers, raises his sword. Buildings from the town of Boston can be seen in the background.Library of Congress 9/15/09

A Guided Exploration of Historical Inquiry


Written by

Kristin Robinson

Terry's Tips

About this book

This book models the process of historical inquiry by stepping students through a sample inquiry. Students find the model inquiry and coaching support for creating their own inquiry. Teachers find tips, techniques and resources for designing their own supported inquiry in Book Builder or elsewhere.


For resources on teaching the process of historical inquiry, see:

Historical Inquiry, a webite that includes an explanation, demonstrations and student artifacts produced through this method of teaching history; 

GATHER model for promoting historical inquiry, a student rubric for conducting historical inquiry