academic writing

Academic writing involves the process of generating articles, research papers, essays and dissertations. It is a unique field which requires a unique skill set and tools if an individual determines to come up with excellent and presentable work.

In this age of technological advancement, online tools are a valuable resource and can help students and researchers with their academic writing tasks. 

These tools enhance the writing efficiency and help students as well as researchers to refine their work before submission.

There are a lot of online tools which include writing tools, essay writing services, grammar checking tools, citation tools and research tools.

Writing Tools

  1. 1.       Microsoft Word

When writing academic essays or papers, you need to select an appropriate word processing software which will allow you to work with ease. Ms Word is a premium writing tool in academic writing since it has a ton of features which smoothen the academic writing process.

Ms Word provides spelling and grammar checking features, which bode well with the requirements of academic writing. This is a useful tool with regards to academic work, and it is worth considering when doing academic work.

  1. 2.       Latex Editor

Latex Editor (LEd), is a light-weight text editor that has been integrated with numerous tools including a multilingual environment, spellchecker, thesaurus and built-in viewer. It is a tool that is commonly used to generate papers and essays in the research community. Latex Editor is free of charge, yet a high-performance text editor.

It is a document development environment that has the right tools for academic purposes, and it can come in handy when working on academic essays or papers.

Grammar Checking Tools

  1. 1.       Grammarly

 Before handing in your essay or research paper, it is vital to ensure that your work is devoid of grammatical errors, poor sentences and typos. Well written and proofread academic content is highly appreciated and rewarded, and it is worthy to consider polishing your work for sentence structure and grammar before submission.

Grammarly is an online tool that checks for grammatical errors, punctuation and sentence structure. This tool will help you refine your academic work and help you get rid of bad vocabulary, poor sentences and typos. Students can use this tool to improve their English, and this can increase the quality of their academic work.

  1. 2.       Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway App is a tool that helps to fine-tune documents by highlighting poorly constructed sentences, use of passive voice, and poorly placed adverbs. It is a proofreading tool that can help you refine your academic work by pinpointing errors and allowing you to make corrections.

If you are keen on generating top-notch academic work, you should ensure that poor sentences do not feature in your work. These errors put off instructors and examiners, and could earn you low marks.

The Hemingway editor is a useful tool for academic writing, and you should consider it when working on your academic essay or paper.

Citation Tools

  1. 1.       Mendeley

Mendeley is a reference management software that can help academics organise, manage, read and annotate their documents in one place. It comes in three versions; the desktop client, the mobile app and browser client.

Apart from generating citations and managing references, Mendeley is a network of researchers hailing from all parts of the world, and it is a platform where academics and researchers can collaborate on innovative projects. Sounds great, right?

Mendeley has a Ms Word extension, and this integrates its functions to Ms Word text editor, allowing you to insert citations on the go from your sources using the citation style of your choice.

  1. 2.       Citavi

This is a research tool and writing tool that can help you with your academic writing work in terms of evaluating and analysing multiple sources. When writing and generating academic content, Citavi can help you make proper citations according to the citation style of your assignment.

Citavi is free for the first 100 citations, after which an upgrade to premium is required to continue using its service. The Citavi Add-In for Ms Word helps students and researchers create bibliographies and the Citavi Publication Assistant is compatible to LaTex Editor and offers a set of functionalities.

Essay Writing Services

There are several essay writing services online that you can visit to seek academic writing help. Often, these essay writing services employ professional writers who have experience in writing academic papers and essays within a specified time. The upside here is that you get well written high-quality content from writers who clearly understand expectations of the task at hand.

There are top-notch essay writing services reviews that contain all relevant information about essay writing services. They are worth checking out if you are interested in knowing the best essay writing services out there. Ratings of essay writing services can also be an important metric when opting for an essay writing service.

In summary, there are useful tools online that can be of great help to you concerning academic writing. Reference Management tools, writing tools and proofreading tools are online tools that you can appropriately use to come up with high-quality academic work.

If you do not have the skills or know-how to write academic work, you can also employ essay writing services which can help you with your academic essay or research paper.