The Guide to retrofit Hella 5 bi xenon projector Headlight in CCAG CS35

Our customer drove his lovely car for about 3 years, he generally drives at night.

  1. The manufacturing facility halogen light bulb did not put enough light on the roadway when driving in the countryside.
  2. So he put some aftermarket CONCEALED package as well as projector set for retrofit. And also went to our Aozoom shop for the modification.

Replacement set: Hella 5 bi xenon projector, HeartRay 5500K HID bulb, Aozoom rapid begin ballast, BMW angel eyes(blue), red demon eye, placement light.

Mount steps: Take the headlights back apart, placed all the bulb out off the housing. And afterwards baked them in the oven. After open them up, take the lights and shrouds apart. Tidy the cool glue inside the channel.

Take care of the Hella bi xenon projector for the hid projector housing and also place the angel eye on the projector after ending up the light test. While test the light bulb, it can attach the ballast for the test.

When all point are done, install the housing, it is possible to create dampness accumulation inside the headlights and also influence the light outcome, if the work did not do well.

This is the brand-new mounted angel eye and devil eye, the light keeps clean, clear and brilliantly white regardless of the length of time they have been on. For the light test was being light up, our client might see things on the sides that he can never ever see before.