How to mount Bi Xenon Projector Housing in CCAG CS75

In the majority of time, several automobile adjusting Fanatics upgrade their manufacturing facility halogen front lights into HID bulb. But it is a little difficulty.

  1. Setting up a HID bulb, it must be suit with the projector and the ballast. While some people will certainly think it is a frustrating.
  2. They will certainly favor to upgrade the headlight housing. One of our customers do that, He drive his CS75 for concerning 10,000 kilometers.

The brand-new housing DRL, Hella bi xenon retrofit projector headlights for low beam, Iwasaki D2H HID light bulb, BMC reflector for high light beam, H1 halogen light bulb as well as Aozoom ballast. He went to our store to complete the modification.

The set up actions were quite basic, it did not need lots of challenging job to fit the projector as well as test light beam pattern. The entire devices were all mounted in the housing. Simply dismantle the OEM housing and put the brand-new one in it.

Open the bumper as well as take off the housing. After completing the setup, the light examination is essential. It did not mount a projector and light bulb, check if the lights are working appropriately. All points are done, install the bumper right into the car and also adjust the light beam pattern once again.

A car, especially in the night driving, needs a secure lights assurance, certainly, the height as well as illumination of the light must be within in a reasonable array. Do not adjust the elevation of low beam too high, although you are driving with low beam, the SUV version is too high. So the low beam will be emit further, that would certainly affect the security of opposite driving.