Make a study plan (and stick to it)
While you may say that you will spend your break studying, you probably would never pick up a book without a concrete plan in place. Before the break begins, make a list of academic priorities. If you have a presentation or essay due right after the break, ensure you spend some time on that. If you are particularly concerned about a write my essay, set aside time to study for it.

Holiday study plans work best if you establish specific guidelines for yourself. For example, you may decide to focus on a presentation. As a plan, you can assign yourself specific deliverables for each day of your break. For example: "Monday: outline ideas for presentations, decide number of slides. Tuesday: design look/feel of PowerPoint, complete secondary visual," etc. Pencil in time for leisure, but keep to your schedule.

Create a study environment
A family home or even a friend's house can be a pretty hectic place around the holiday season, so you may be reluctant to study there. Instead, find a nearby library or coffee shop that will provide an atmosphere better suited to your study needs. Tell your family you will be gone for a certain amount of hours, and simply go. Chances are, they will be impressed with your ambition and give you the space you need.

Pick up a book
Perhaps a book is assigned to you, perhaps not. Regardless, pick up a book anyway! Any time away from the screen of a television, computer, or phone is good for you and has been shown to contribute to good sleep. People who spend time reading typically experience less stress, learn a more advanced vocabulary, have a better memory, and improve their writing skills. It really does not matter if you are reading for school or for pleasure - you will still see the benefit. Pick up a good book and spend some time exploring those pages.

Most of all, enjoy your break and the little bit of freedom it gives you to organize your schedule and get closer to your goals. Eat some turkey, watch some football, and get some work out of the way!