I as an Intermediate student, I feel compelled to pass on my information about the learning controls. In the last coronavirus epidemics, some people had the advantages of being students and others had the disadvantages. I was initially happy about the virus because no schools or colleges were closed and I could spend my entire days playing games and watching movies. I Spend time in the house by watching movies and do some home projects like I started writing blogs. I thought for an instant that I'd never find a movie to watch. Longing for the moment when they may be freed from custody. Everything is not quite settled for the guests and the same as it would be in the presence of the loved ones, however, as that's not possible."

Gradually working in an online course after you've completed the delayed period They feel smoother at first, but lead to diminishing returns over time. a total revamp in the dynamic After a month of studying this type of education, they are convinced that it has numerous disadvantages and advantages I found out the virus is neither a blessing nor a portent of my student's future life. It's totally different from all of my previous jobs. This type of online training method, used by software engineers from home, has been in use for several years now. It is critical to take time to adjust to college life in the beginning of college in order to get good grades.

Covid-19 described the few of its advantages and disadvantages


 It has no redeeming qualities because it endangers jobs, costs lives, and shatters the country's economy. As far as children are concerned, there are advantages~

Although there is little chance that you will go to school or college when you are older, creative activities such as volunteer work and other school and holiday projects are good opportunities for students because when you're younger and should continue into their adulthood.

Students are allowed to use their valuable study time on subjects they find appealing. Instead of going out, relax in the house. Spend time in the house by watching movies and do some home projects like I started writing blogs for Askmeoffers & few other places as freelancer. 

Time to have fun with your family

it's the best time to spend with your grandparents and cousins, because there's plenty of time to chat with them (if possible, as per government norms). Indeed, everyone is doing part of their work from home, as well. There is no need to leave the house to build family ties.

Watching a movie is a family-friendly way to enjoy it now. let them know what you want to do with your parents; talk about career planning and list out your goals so they understand the strategy you've put in place. I take advantage of coupons to save on my movies and shows subscriptions.

 Praying so you don't have more time to waste. being able to devote six to eight to ten hours to the quality online classes Thus, spent 10 hours in school; whereas, not spent in school If we are able to utilise our time better, we can watch less TV and games, and thus learn better.


 Although there are considerable disadvantages to the country, there is also an incalculable amount of casualties in jobs and the loss of income. But the primary challenges to students are~

Hands-on, with-hands, step-by-by-step classes

Online classes have a 40-60% completion rate, while in-campus classes have an 80% completion rate. Blue screen-based online classes have an adverse effect on the eyes of the students because of the amount of time spent on the Internet. Because students' attention spans are shorter in the play-school, these classrooms should not have the blue-screen technology. 

Most poor students don't have access to laptops and PCs; these students are hopelessly idealistic, and believe there should be no difference in educational quality.

Many disadvantages exist in internals being the sole source of grades, such as no exams. This could adversely affect their professional path in front of the camera. These factors will portend to be predictive of the future for the child. I want to conclude by pointing out that the loss of extra days for students in schools and colleges. Trying to get into power as soon as possible to avoid future Covid-19 flu pandemics.