Tip #1

Meet with the professors of your classes at the beginning of the semester so that you have established a line of communication should you need help or an issue arises during the semester.



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Tip value:

- Allows you to solve problems early and fast

- Can lead to a better grade

- Helps you feel more secure about the class


Tip Description:

Introduce yourself to the professor at the beginning of the semester (during office hours) to establish a communication line should you need some help or have an issue.

Most students only contact the professor after they already have a problem, and by then it can be too late to deal with the situation. If you intend to invest the necessary time in the class and to attend any face-to-face class meetings, you will benefit from approaching the professor right at the beginning of the semester to introduce yourself. Let the professor know that you intend to do your best and to get a good grade. This line of communication will make it easier to contact the professor with any specific question or issue (before it gets too difficult), and to get a fast response.

However, if you approach the professor at the beginning of the semester and later fail to show up for classes or to do your assignments, you will find that initial contact backfires on you because the professor is not going to take you seriously.