Tip #2

Listen to audio books

Nigel the fox is seating on a sofa with headphones which are connected to a "regular book"


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Tip value:


- Can save a significant amount of time


- Can be combined with other activities such as exercising


Tip Description:


Many book titles are available as audio books. In most cases, these audio books are read by actors who help bring the books to life. If you find yourself tired of reading books, an audio book is an alternative way to get the same information. While you listen, you can take notes, exercise, or do other things that don’t require your full attention. These books are available on iTunes, CDs, and other platforms.


Relevant links:


-Audiobook.com is one sample of a website that gives you fee based unlimited access to audiobooks (this is just one option; you should do your own research with regard to pricing).


- iTunes offers many audiobook titles, but you will need to buy each one separately.


-Amazon has entire sections for audio books (books on CD). In many cases, you can buy them as used books and  sell them later on so your overall expense is not that great.


- A short video about the benefits of audiobooks