An edge or border. In this case, an edge that sticks out: the brim of a hat.

Example sentence:

My mother wears a hat with a large brim to protect her face from the sun.

Photo credit: Darren // DA Creative Photography,

A woman wears a white sun hat with a large brim all the way around that shades her face and hair.
The part of the hat that sticks out and shades this woman's face and hair is called the brim.



The small jobs done every day or on a regular basis around the house or farm.

Example sentence:

My sister's chores are feeding the dog, taking out the trash and recycling, and mowing the lawn. 

Photo Credit: Mr.Thomas,

A man and woman wash dishes together at a sink full of soapy water.
Washing dishes in an example of a chore.



In an uncomfortable or worried way.

Example sentence:

At his first piano recital, Jake walked nervously onto the stage.

Photo Credit: Josh Smith,

A young man dressed for a running race bites his thumb nail and has a nervous look on his face.
This young man bites his thumb nail nervously before the start of his race.



A type of material used to make things in many different shapes and colors.

Example sentence:

My little brother drinks his orange juice from a plastic cup.

Photo Credit: downing.amanda,

Two plastic beach pails, one orange and one green, with an orange plastic shovel.
These beach pails and small shovel are made out of plastic.



1. To do something someone does not expect, often something nice for the person.

2. Something unexpected. 

Example sentence:

For my father's birthday, I surprised him by baking him a chocolate cake.

Photo credit: (nutmeg),

Young women posing in a kitchen. One holds a plate of fruit. Another puts her finger to her lips.
These young women are preparing to surprise their friend with a party for her.



Very good; excellent; great.

Example sentence:

The children had a wonderful day playing at the beach.