The language used and spoken in most Middle Eastern and North African countries. 

bows and arrows

A weapon used before guns to hunt animals for food as well as to fight in wars. 


An empty area of land in Africa that was covered with small trees and bushes/grass. 




A natural substance found in the ground that can be used to make objects. 


To be awake but thinking about or imagining something in your head so that you are not paying attention to what is around you. 


A tribe in Africa.  A group of people who live in a village together and who call themselves the Dinka.  They have their own special culture and way of life. 


people who control a country. 


To move animals from one place to another usually because they need to eat or return to their farm. 


A person who practices the religion of Islam which is practiced all around the world where people belive in following the teachins of the Quran. 


To get something ready. 

rainy season

In some parts of the world they do not have Winter. Instead, they have a dry season when it does not rain and it is very hot and dry and a rainy season when it never stops raining and is very wet. 


People who go against the government. 


A group of people who live together and follow the same culture. It is similar to living in a small town of people who believe the same things you do or come from the same country you do.