To go toward something or someone. 


Example sentence 

Look at the bee approach the flower.

a bee flying up to a flower

To laugh or giggle.


Example sentence 

Children chuckle when they have fun.

a boy and girl giggling


Baby animals such as lion cubs or bear cubs.


Example Sentence 

The lion cubs are lying down together.

two lion cubs


A resting place or home for a wild animal.


Example sentence

The baby fox is coming out of the den.

a baby fox coming out of its den

A large bird with long legs and a long neck that lives near water.  


Example sentence

 The flamingo is walking in the water.

a flamingo walking in the water

This is what a flock of flamingoes sounds

A large wild cat with a tan coat with black spots. 


Example sentence

The jaguar is standing on the rock.


This is a jaguar's

A large wild cat that lives in Africa.  Male lions have furry manes around their necks. 


Example sentence 

The male lion is looking for food.

a male lion

This is a lion

A small furry animal that has a long tail.  

Example sentence

The monkey is jumping.

Monkey jumping

These are the sounds that monkeys

Mountain Goat
An animal  that lives on mountains  and is very good at climbing on rocks.

Example sentence

The mountain goats stand on the rocks.

A mountain goat and a baby mountain goat

The sound a goat makes is called "bleating"

happening quietly and calmly.


Example sentence

The baby is sleeping peacefully.

a baby sleeping

to see or find something. 


Example sentence

The lady spied the book she wanted on the bookshelf

a girl finding a book on the top shelf.

The season when it gets warmer and flowers begin to grow.


Example sentence

Daffodils are flowers that grow in spring.

flowers growing in the spring

to walk in water


Example sentence

The hippopotmus likes to wade in the water.

A hippopotmus walking in the water


A park where people can  see many different animals.


Example sentence

The boy went to the zoo and fed a sheep in the petting area.

A woman and a child feeding sheep in the petting area at the Central Florida Zoo.

A person who cares for animals at a zoo.


Example sentence 

The zookeeper is holding an iguana.

a zookeeper holding an iguana