An animal that eats ants and insects.


Example Sentence

The anteater has a long tongue so it can find ants in  holes.

picture of an anteater


Frogs have long legs for jumping.  They live in the water and on land.


Example Sentence
The frog is sitting on the lily pad.

This is a frog

A small lizard who lives in warm weather.


Example Sentence

The gecko sat on the rock enjoying the sun.


To search for something like food.


Example Sentence

The lion went hunting by the water.



Large, colorful birds that live in the rainforest.


Example Sentence

The macaw had bright yellow and blue feathers.

Macaws can learn to talk like people!

A small wild cat that has black spots.


Example Sentence

The ocelot was hunting for food in the rainforest.

This is what an ocelot sounds

A  forest that gets a lot of rain, is warm and has many  plants, insects and animals.


Example Sentence

The gecko lives in the rainforest.


These are some sounds you might hear in a rainforest. What animals do you think are making these noises?

To give someone else what you have.


Example Sentence

The girls share the cake.



An animal who lives in the rainforest and eat plants and small bugs.

Example sentence

The sloth slept all day hanging from the tree.

A sloth is hanging upside down from a tree branch.