What is the Percentage of Discount?

Written by Candice Stokes

There was a girl named Sally who loved to shop when there was a good sale. One day as she was walking around the mall she noticed a large sale happening at her favorite store. She decided to check it out. 

As she walked into the store she began to throw multiple items into her shopping cart. She wasn't checking the prices, since she knew everything was on sale. Once she was done she headed up to the check out counter. 

After Sally is done paying she gets her reciept to see how much of a discount she recieved. To her surprise the discount percentage got smeared and she couldn't read what is said. 

Sally only had the total cost of the items before the discount, $ 95.23 and the total cost after the discount, $ 16.34. How much of a discount did she receive on her overall total?

Here's how you can solve it!

Step 1

Find the difference amongst the total of the items before the discount and the total of the items after the discount. 


$ 95.23 - $ 16.34 = $ 78.89

Step 2

Divide the difference from the total cost before the discount. You will get a decimal for your answer.


$ 78.89 ÷ $ 95.23 = 0.8284


Step 3

Convert the decimal to a percentage and fraction to see your percentage of discount that was given.


0.8284 = 83 %


83 %  = 83/100

Sally's percentage of discount for her items was 83%.