Silly Pets
Boy and girl with various pets.

Written by Kathy Ferreira, Nicole Lawson, and Sue Schuck
Illustrated by Darcy Schwartz and Seoin Lim

Puppy eating a piece of pizza

If you give your puppy a pizza,

Puppy at the park.

the puppy will ask to go to the park.

Hamster with a hamburger.

If you give your hamster a hamburger,

Hamster at a hotel.

the hamster will ask to go to a hotel.

A bird with a bagel.

If you give your bird a bagel,

Bird at the beach.

the bird will ask to go to the beach.

Turtle with a taco.

If you give your turtle a taco,

Turtle in a toy store.

the turtle will ask to go to the toy store.

cat with candy
If you give your cat a candy,

cat camping

the cat will ask to go camping.

Boy, girl, and puppy surrounded by hearts.

So, as you can see,
if you give your pets plenty of love,
they will be as happy as can be!


This book is an adaption of 'If You Give Your Pet...' by Kathy Ferreira, Nicole Lawson, and Sue Schuck.

Special thanks to the Massachusetts Department of Education whose funding supported teachers and parents in the development of this story.

© CAST, 2005

Grateful acknowledgment is made for permission to use the following materials in this book: bagel, beach, camping, hamster, hotel, puppet, puppy, taco 
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