Web 2.0 Education





By: Craig Skinner 

Concord Consortium 

Changes in the Environment

Concord Consortium is a tool that provides a variety of resources to help create an interactive learning environment for students to be used at home or in the classroom. 




Changing the environment is only one of many apps this site provides and can be used to help illustrate students various categories of different plant families. 

This is a great tool for education as it has multiple apps for various learners and can be used to accommodate large variety of learning styles. 

The grade level is for elementary students and does not safe personal information. 


Quizlet is a tool that helps students prepare for exams by having students and/or teachers create and adding their own flash cards. 



Quizlet provides an interactive online environment where every student can contribute to add in the learning for various quizzes and tests. 

As result this will allow students who are struggling with the material to get aid from other students and clarify the material. 


Shelfari is a great tool to find your next great read! 



Finding your next book is often a hard task and can be frustrating due to the amount of options. 

This tool is great for helping students become more interested in reading in order to find appropriate reading level books of various genres. 

This could reduce barriers for struggling readers and help find books worth while.