Lyddie Chapter 16


Lyddie needed to go to the bank in order to take out money to give to Mrs. Bedlow for taking care of Rachel and so that she could buy things for Rachel.

It almost physically hurt Lyddie to take out so much money from what she had saved, but she knew that it was for Rachel and it was worth it. 

Lyddie bought Rachel a new dress and a book to help teach her to read.  Then, Lyddie paid Mrs. Bedlow for taking care of Rachel.  By the end, Lyddie couldn't believe she had spent so much money, but knew that Rachel needed it and she needed to take care of her. 

At work, Lyddie was becoming very frustrated with Brigid.  All day Brigid looked like she was about to cry and was moving so slowly at her loom that it made Lyddie angry.  

Lyddie finally walked over to Brigid and yelled "Brigid! What are you doing? You are working too slowly you must forget everything else but the loom".

Brigid said, "I can't forget everything! My mom is at home and is so sick!"

Lyddie knew she should feel bad for Brigid, but instead was frustrated.  She thrust her hand into her pocket and took out the change she still had from buying Rachel her new things.  She gave it to Brigid and said "Here! Now get back to work".

After that, things are work seemed to get better for a while. 

The next days were better at the boardinghouse with Rachel too. Rachel was starting to look a little healthier and even smiled as she worked with Lyddie on some of the readings in the book Lyddie had bought her.  

Lyddie noticed the next day at work that Mr. Marsden was smiling at her a lot.  He must have been very please with her and Brigid's work, she thought.  As the day went on Lyddie began to feel hot andill .  Her head began to hurt and she felt like she wanted to lay down.  Just as the day was coming to an end and Lyddie couldn't wait to go back home to Rachel she saw Mr. Marsden coming near her.  Lyddie felt so sick that she didn't know what was happenng as he put his arms on hers.  Soon, she felt his face moving closer and closer to hers as if to kiss her! 

Lyddie didn't know what came over her but as soon as she realized what Mr. Marsden was trying to do, she raised her booted foot and stomped down HARD on his foot.  Mr. Marsden yelled out and let go of her.  Then, Lyddie ran as fast as she could back to the boardinghouse. 

Lyddie didn't go to work the next day, or for many days after.  She was so sick with fever that she barely knew what was going on and certainly could not get out of bed. 

Some days Lyddie would wake up and see Rachel sitting next to her.  Lyddie worried that she would get Rachel sick but Rachel still stayed by her.

One morning, Lyddie woke up with the sound of the morning bell and said suddenly, "Rachel! I must go to work".

Rachel was excited because she knew this meant that Lyddie was finally feeling better.