Web 2.0 Tools

Exploring Three Educational Tools


The first tool we will explore is Animoto. You can view this tool at https://animoto.com/.

Animoto is an online video-making tool that allows users to turn ordinary photos, text, music, and video clips into high quality HD videos. No video editing experience is required, and users can easily share their videos. Educators may apply for a free Animoto Plus account for use in the classroom.

Educators can use Animoto to present lesson content in the form of a video, or students could create videos as an alternative to more traditional essay/writing assignments.

This tool would be helpful for students who are visual or aural learners; they may learn best when the lesson material is presented through the use of a combination of images, videos, and text. ESL students may also benefit from lesson material presented in a variety of mediums. Accommodating for different learning styles and preferences removes barriers for students who have below average English literacy skills and enhances the quality of the lesson for all students. When information is presented through a variety of mediums and stimulates multiple senses, students will show increased interest and retention of information.

To use this tool, students must be at least 13 years of age.



Our next tool is Engrade, an online instructional management platform for grades K-12 that brings Learning Management Systems and Assessment Systems together all in one place. You can find this tool at https://www.engrade.com/.

Engrade connects students, teachers, parents, and administrators and offers tools for managing digital curricula as well as delivering online assessments and analytics. 

Learn more about Engrade by watching this video.

Engrade can be used by teachers to create interactive lesson plans, communicate with students and parents, and track student mastery levels with standards-based grading. Free student accounts are available.

Some learners who struggle with staying organized would find this tool helpful because it allows teachers to post homework assignments, reminders, and messages to their students. Students can also send private messages to their teacher, which may be helpful for students who need extra support. The interactive lesson plans will also appeal to students who prefer computers to pencil-and-paper, as well as students who learn best by doing instead of merely listening. Because of the assessment tools and analytics, teachers will also be able to individualize instruction more effectively based on the information they receive about each student's current mastery level.

According to the terms of service, Engrade will not collect personally identifiable information from students under 13 years of age. However, if a school registers and has students under the age of 13, the school in question may provide the students' personally identifiable information.


Our final tool is Scribblar--you can access it at http://www.scribblar.com/.

Scribblar is an online whiteboard tool designed to enhance online collaboration between teachers and students as well as student groups within the same class. Scribblar can also be used to help teachers plan lessons.

Scribblar can be used for online tutoring or group work. Students can use a chat box with an audio option, and they can upload documents directly to the whiteboard for immediate review.

Scribblar can help reduce barriers for students who prefer to work in a group and/or those students who require added teacher support. The optional audio feature also helps students who prefer to communicate orally instead of through writing. This option may be especially helpful for ESL students or those with less than average English literacy skills.

There is no stated age limit within the terms of service.