Evernote is a note taking app. It provides several different note taking options: the user can type text, take pictures and save them to notes, create multiple notebooks, audio notes, and create audio notes with written text script. As well, it can save and organize pictures and web articles. There are also discussion and colaboration features. It also makes it very easy to turn notes into a slideshow presentation.

Evernote would be a usefull tool in classrooms because it would enable students to make notes for themselves in ways that best suit their learning style. One student could take and save pictures of the steps they took to solve a math problem, while another one might record a verbal explanation.

This tool would remove barriers for students who have difficulties writing or typing notes, as such it is a more apropriate tool for older students (grade 6-12)

Learn More Here: https://evernote.com/?var=4

Skitch is a drawing app. It alows the user to draw and annotate with different colours and point sizes over pictures, as well as edit text. The app saves images to your camera role, which can then be shared to other places.

Skitch would be useful for students because it allows users to anotate pictures, diagrams, graphs, etc. in ways which would best help them remember/learn about the subject of the picture. 

Some students have difficulties expressing themselves through writen explanations, so anotating a picture could provide an alternative that would help them better demonstrate their knowlege.

This app seems like it could be used by all ages, though it would be particularly usefull for older students dealing with graphs, diagrams,etc. 

Learn More Here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/skitch-snap.-mark-up.-share./id425955336?mt=12

ScreenChomp is very much the same as Skitch. Both are used to write or draw on pictures.The only major difference seems to be that screenchomp also allows the user to record their voice while anotating. 

Screenchomp could be useful in schools for many of the same reasons skitch would be. In addition to those uses, screenchomp might also be helpful for creating and sharing tutoring videos.

In terms of removing or reducing learning barriers, this tool could be helpful because it increases the number of means of expression available to students. For instance, instead of answering a question in writing, a student could record their answer, or demonstrate it with a picture, diagram, etc. 

This tool could be used by teachers and most students.

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