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What is UDL and Web 2.0

UDL stands for Universal Design for Learning. UDL is a research-based framework for addressing the diversity of learning. UDL focuses not on the students changing for the curriculum, but the teacher adapting the way the curriculum is taught to the students.

Web 2.0 is second stage of development of the World Wide Web that focuses on social media development, and dynamic or user-generated content. 


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopaedia and is a great example of a Web 2.0 tool. This site allows individuals to post or share their knowledge and to expand on what others say.

This is a great tool in education because it allows students to look up new words, people, or ideas and have a quick, simple understanding of the subject. This web 2.0 tools would best benefit learners such as, solitary learners, learners with mid to high reading levels, as well as learners that are reading and understanding above their grade level. This tool would benefit division two students (grades 4-6) in the elementary level most, but has no age restriction. 

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Prezi is an online free access presentation tool. This site allows you to showcase your understandings in a new, different, and abstract sort of way. 


Prezi is already used all the time in education. It is a great presentation tool that people 13 years or older can utilize. This tool is recommended for the use of grades 6 and up. This type of web 2.0 tool would benefit visual learners and students who have a tough time organizing their thoughts and ideas the most because this tool allows them to organize everything into a "mind map" view and then later during presenting the site zooms in on certain sections that you want it to focus on.  

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Exam time is an online studying tool that helps students of all ages. This site teaches students how to study and gives them different studying techniques to try and see which one suites their learning needs the best. A few of the study resources offered include: Mind maps, Flashcards, and Quizzes. The site also offers slides, notes, and a study planner. 

This program would really benefit students and their exam scores. Examtime would best suit the needs of high school students because by this age/grade they should have experimented with a few types of study techniques and have an idea of what works best for them. This site offers a variety of studying techniques so it will be of use to different types of students. 

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