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Easel.ly can be accessed by clicking on the underlined name itself and can be used to create a infographic which could be for a variety of reasons. It is used to affectively communicate ideas with the use of photos and other multimedia. You can work off the many templates that are provided for you. It is easy to use as there are not only many videos to watch on how to use it, but the instructions on the canvas page are very straight forward. It is free and only takes a couple minutes to sign up. 

This could be used in a variety of ways in education. For example, it can demonstrate the information that the teacher needs the students to understand and also be able to show it in a way that is interesting to students. It can also be used a project that the students have to create an infographic about a topic of their choice and present it to the class. It has a group option in which a teacher can set up a project for the whole class by having each child contribute to the infographic. 

It can provide a better understanding of material for students who are visual learners because of the pictures. It can also be very helpful for students who are deaf because they can read the information and observe the pictures to further their knowledge. They can printed or found on the internet so students can access it online if that is easier or the teacher can print off copies for the entire class for those who don't have access to internet. 

This could be used by older elementary students, grade 4 and up and mostly by junior high and high school. There is no age restriction however using the internet would not be easy for students in grades below 4. 


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You can access ClassTools.net by clicking on the underlined name itself. This tool is specialized for education because it allows a teacher to modify games that are alrready well known to students into a fun way for the students to learn the content desired. You simply have to click on the game that you would like to use and it will take you to another screen in which you can change the title and the questions to suit the grade and content you would like to teach. 

It can be used to help students review before a final exam by asking questions that pertain to the chapter that was covered while still allowing the students to have fun and stay interested. It could even be used as an assignment so students would be able to get into groups and create their own game for the class to try out and particpate in. 

The best part about this site is that it has many different games which can be used by a wide variety of students. It can be helpful at all grade levels and allow for students with disabilities to be involved. Some games are mainly visual while others are mostly for sound purposes. There is such a great variety that it could appeal to many different students as long as they can access the internet. This site also does not have any sign up information required as you can save the game directly to your computer or embed it into a blog. So anyone can use it!




Prezi can be accessed by clicking on the underlined name itself. It can be outside an education purpose, for instance it can be used by businesses to present information about a topic. It is free and can be accessed by all age groups but it would be most beneficial for students above the grade of four. It displays information in a visually appealing way and you can add pictures, and other various forms of multimedia to it. All you have to do is sign up and you can begin creating your prezi. But there are also privacy settings so that only those who you want to see it can access it. 

It can be used in education for students to present their ideas when it comes to oral presentations. It can also be used by the teacher to convey content and meaning to the students in a creative and interesting manner. Multiple people can work on one prezi at the same time making it easy for group projects. 

It could be very helpful for visual learners because it uses a picture to create an all around meaning for the topic. You can add sounds to help those who might have a visual impairment along with those who learn by hearing things. Anyone can use it as long as there is an internet connection.