Web 2.0 in the Classroom


      Animoto is a Web 2.0 tool that has many benefits. It allow the users to create videos using pictures, text, music and video clips. One added bonus to this program is you can access it using any web browser on a computer or on iDevices and Androids.

Animoto in the Classroom

      This program is very useful for students with poor writing skills, as they may be more successful expressing themselves as they do not have to rely on text to get their point across. Students can find their own way to represent their knowledge through this tool.

       Keep in mind though, Animoto is licensed for users 13 years of age and above. Though there are provisions granted for schools to generate accounts for users under the age of 13. As long as the school complies with the terms of the agreement and no personally identifiable information of the child is collected. 


      Bubbl.us is a great Web 2.0. This gives you the ability to use a free mindmapping tool. It can be useful to plan, or summarize topics of your choice. This tool is an easy way for students and teachers to create a mind map on a computer.

Bubble.us in the Classroom

       Bubble.us makes brainstorming so much easier to do! Using this tool in an upper elementary- high school aged students would be most beneficial. If you have at least a limited knowledge of computers, this program is very easy to use. This tool is benefical to students who have difficulty brainstorming on paper, or vocalizing their thoughts. It is also great for students with impaired vision as you have the ability to zoom. The effect of changing colour to the bubbles, is great for students to customize their work and for those who prefer their work color coded.

      From looking at their website I could not find a limitation on the age for registration. But with the need for limited experience with computers, I would advice sticking to the age group previously stated.


    Pinterest is a Web 2.0 tool that is used for collecting and organizing different boards. It provides a great opportunity for students to gather information, all from one location. Pinterest gives you access to find images, videos, websites, digital posters and more!

Pinterest in the Classroom

     This is beneficial to students as it provides them with an easy way to organize their information and gather new information. They do this by "Pinning" the source to their board. This tool would be great for students who have difficulty organizing and finding relevant information. Pinterest is widely used: making ease to find sources on what they are looking for.

      In order to use Pinterest you must be 13 years of age or older. So in the classroom it would be best for Junior High to High School students.