WEB 2.0

Education For The New Generation!

A look into some Web 2.0 resources such as SurevyMonkey, Son of a Citation Machine, and Prezi!


  • http://www.surveymonkey.com
  • SurveyMonkey is a simple online polling tool used in classrooms or group settings to guage a rooms response in a short amount of time.
  • This tool could be used within the classroom frequently for purposes such as debate or settling class decisions effeciently.
  • Some students may find it difficult to speak their opinions in a classroom full of their peers. This is a confidential way for a "more quiet" student to be heard in a sometimes uncomfortable enviroment
  • Suitable in a classroom with available technological resources.





SurveyMonkey is avaible to access ``question and answer`` surveys from around the world making this a global experience for your students. I would recommend this tool to a higher grade classroom such as grade 8-12.

Son of a Citation Machine

  • https://www.citationmachine.net
  • This tool will provide students with a chance to learn about citation and the proper format when given the task of citing their own work.
  • A classroom that is learning how to write proper essays and research papers would find this tool especially useful.
  • This tool eliminates the task of a student having to worry about whether or not their work is cited properly, especially when moving into high school where a proper citation can mean a loss of marks, and in university where it can mean an elimination of an assignment if not done properly. This tool is a safety net for students who need help with citation.


  • https://prezi.com
  • Prezi is a great way to present information with fun and intriguing pre-made templates. This program is free for users and can be enlightening for a first time user.
  • This tool can be used within the classroom for students who like to branch out of their comfort zones and try new and attractive ways of presenting information.
  • This tool can be a step in the right direction for student that is looking for a new challenge in presenting their information to the classroom. Prezi takes a lot of the work out in fooling around and wasting time trying to make some topics a bit more intriguing.




Prezi has many templates and themes to choose from when building a presentation. I would suggest this tool be used with older grades 8-12 as the formatting can be somewhat complicated depending on the information being presented and to what type of audience.