7 VS. 8

Carissa Eaddy

Web INC.


     In this story the main characters are 6,7,8 and 9. The setting is a number grid. The problem is that number 8 is afraid of number 7.

 One day rude number 6 kept talking to unhappy me. Just to let you know in this unfair tale I am unhappy 7. Then we got into an argument. "I want to stay where I am," said 6. Then 6 won by tricking me into talking to sneaky 8. Then unhappy me met sneaky 8. Next sneaky 8 said "I'll trade spots with number 5 if you  you will grant me a favor when I need it."Sure"

 The next day the kids at Stewartstown Elementary were counting on the number grid and the kid named Kyle got messed up Kyle started counting 1,2,3,4,8,6,7,5,9,10.

Kyle couldn't count at all! I ate creepy 9! I feel so enthusiastic! Then nobody ever talked to me for about a month I felt so sad. One day rude 6 talked to me. Then he apoligized to me.Then I realized rude 6 became very nice 6 by treating me greatly for the rest of my life.

Then me and 6 became friends. That is the end of my tale! One day I met 10....

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