Ariana and Kate sprawled across their floor, reading This month's issue of Animal Aroma, their favorite magazine. They were twin sisters. Ariana and long brown hair, hazel eyes, tan skin, and a cool unique style. Kate had long brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and a similar style to Ariana. Ariana gasped. "Check this out!" She exclaimed.

"What?" Asked Kate. "There is a contest, you can live at a animal rescue center for 6 months! The add looked like this:


Z00 K!d$

6 lucky kids will get the adventure of a lifetime! They will get to live at a animal rescue center (zoo for short) for 6 months...


Kate screamed. Ariana and Kate were the biggest animal lovers you will ever meet. "We HAVE to enter this!" She said. Ariana and Kate ran out of their room and down the stairs. "MOM!!!" They yelled. They ran into the kitchen. "What's the matter!?!" Asked their mom worriedly. "Nothing!" Said Kate out of breath. "We Have to enter this..." Said Ariana also out of breath shoving the magazine add at their mother. Their mom quickly read the add. " I don't think so." Said their mom. "Why not?!?" Whined Ariana. "It says your there 6 months, what about school?" Asked their mom. " Read the rest of the add!" Said Kate. " They have have pro tutors teaching you!" Mom put on her thoughtful look. "I guess you can enter." Said Mom. "Yes!!!!!!!!" Ariana and Kate said at the same time. Their mom quickly scribbled out the form to enter. "Cross your fingers!" She said as she went out the door to the mail box.

Ariana and Kate smiled at each other. This was their big chance!

If you liked this look out for Zoo Kids Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!