"The Last Samurai"


By: Jim Hermetet



The sound of metal striking into each other can be heard off into the distance. Young samurai’s are practicing their swordsmanship in partners, as they move like a hokkadio wolf about to attack their prey. Yet, one samurai stands out from the others his name is Takumi. He is smaller, not as muscular, or as fast as the other samurai. He is constantly ridiculed by his peers because he is unlike them.

During this training exercise his partner pushes him down to the ground,

“Stay down Takumi!” Yuto said.

“Why are you even here?! You can never be like one of us. The samurai’s are the people that fight for this country and I do not want to fight alongside a mouse like you,” Haru says off in the distance.


Dejected and heartbroken, Takumi grabs his sword and starts to walk back home on the other side of the forest. 




While Takumi was walking through the forest very solemn about how he was treated at training. He felt that he would never have the strength or courage to fight like the other samurai and decided he would never return.

It was late at night and Takumi decided to take a break and have some left over Wagashi he still had in his pocket. It was a very cool summer night so he decided to get some sleep by the river before he returned home in the morning.

While Takumi was fast asleep, a fish suddenly appears alongside him.

“Takumi, what are you doing here? You should be back in camp continuing your training,” the fish said.

“I quit the samurai’s. They did not think I had what it took to become one. I am to slow and weak to ever become a samurai” Takumi said.

“You do not become a great samurai overnight. It takes time and practice. Your father before you could not even swing a sword at first, but that did not stop him from becoming a great samurai general. The same type of gene is in you. You just got to believe,” explained the fish.

Takumi is about to respond when he gets startled by a cold breath on his neck. He wakes up instantly to see the one thing no traveler ever wants to see. An Ussuri brown bear.

The bear attacks him and starts to claw at him. If Takumi panics the bear would do great harm so he springs into action and grabs his sword to defend himself. The bear and Takumi attack each other to see who will come out on top as the victor. After some bites and pokes, Takumi uses his strength to throw the bear off him which makes the bear scurry back into the woods.


Takumi has a shocked expression on his face. After all those that questioned his strength or courage as a fighter, he was able to fend off a brown bear. Laughter starts to erupt from Takumi's mouth because he realized he was able to fend off a very dangerous animal all by himself.

It gave him the confidence to know that it did not matter the type of shape someone is in or how fast they are with a sword. A person can be 7 feet tall or 4 feet tall, it does not accurately measure someone’s worth. All that matters is the fight and will someone has.


With Takumi new found confidence, he decides that he going to face the challenge of samurai training and try to become one of best samurais he can be. Just like his father would have wanted.




The next day when Takumi walks back into camp all of other samurai were surprised to see him. He showed more confidence and poise then before, which others took note of.

“You see Takumi out there? He looks like an entirely different person,” Yuto said.

“Ahhh, he is the same old Takumi. Just wait and see the next time I face him,” Haru explained.

The next time Takumi faced Haru in battle, Takumi beat him handily. Over time, Takumi was able to beat everybody in the camp. After training, Takumi went on to have a long and celebrated career fighting for the Japanese military. Going down in the history books as the last true great samurai.

As they say, it only takes a bear of an effort to become great at something.