A Long Walk to Water Chapter 14

Nya's Story

Souther Sudan, 2009

For three days, Nya's village was filled with the loud sounds of a drill.  Finally, on the thrid day Nya was watching the men drill when she heard a loud noise "WHOOSH!!". 

Nya realized the loud sound was water being shot into the air! The drilling at worked! There was water everywhere.  

Everyone in Nya's village cheered and was excited. The only problem was the water wasn't clear, it was full of mud. 

Salva's Story

Ifo Refugee Camp, Kenya 1992-1996

Salva was now 22 years old.  For the past five years Salva had been living in the refugee camp in northern Kenya.  At first, Salva was at the Kakuma camp and then he moved to the Ifo camp, where he was now. 

Kakuma was an awful place.  The weather was bad and people used to sneak into the camp and steal from them.  After being miserable there for two years Salva decided to move to Ifo. 

There was nothing for Salva and the boys to do at the Ifo refugee camp.  All Salva could do was wait around and try to keep his hope alive.  The more he sat around, the harder it was to keep his hope alive.  

Michael was someone who worked in the camp. Michael was from Ireland.  Salva and Michael became friends.  He started teaching Salva to speak English.  After a few years in the camp, Salva could understand a little English and he was very proud of himself. 


A rumor began spreading through the refugee camp.  It was that they were going to be sent to America.  The rumor was that only a few boys would be chosen, but Salva was hopeful he would be chosen. 

Weeks passed, and then months.  All of a sudden they posted a list that had the names of the boys who were going to America.  Salva's name was not on it.  He was sad. 

Then, one day, another list was posted.  Salva looked and saw his name!

It said, "Salva Dut-Rochester, New York".


He was going to America!

He ws going to New York!