A Long Walk to Water Chapter 15 

Nya's Story

Southern Sudan, 2009

Even though all of the water coming out of the hole was muddy and brown, Nya was still very excited.  Nya's brother told her not to worry because soon the water would be clear and ready to drink.  



Salva's Story

Nairobi, Kenya-Rochester, New York

One of the workers from the refugee camp told Salva that there would be eight other boys going to America with him.  Salva and the other boys got into a car and drove for hours until they got to Nairobi, Kenya.  They had to have a medical exam to make sure they were not sick before they got on the plane to America. 

After the medical exam, Salva was given a t-shirt and some new clothes to put on. They gave him a big winter coat.  Salva was so confused, they did not have winter in Sudan! He could not believe it was going to be cold outside when he arrived in New York. 

When Salva got onto the plane to New York he was amazed! The plane was like a huge bird and there were all sorts of new things for him to see.  A woman walked up and down the aisles and asked him if he wanted a Coca-Cola.

Salva had not seen a bottle of Coca-Cola since his father had brought him one years and years ago.  The bubbles were weird in his mouth and reminded him of his father. 

Salva had to take three planes to get to New York.  As he got closer, he got nervous that his new family wouldn't be waiting for him at the airport like they had promised.  

Salva thought to himself "What if my new family sees me and doesnt like me?!" 

When Salva got off of the plane he saw his new family and they smiled and waved! Chris was his new father and Louise was his new mother.  They seemed very nice even though he was still nervous. 

When Salva walked outside he began to cry.  He had just taken his first steps into his new life in America.