Where Are The Chocolate Chips?

Written by Barbara Kuhn, Debbie Hewitt, Joan Ciampa, and Elaine Metropolis from the Thomas Carroll School in Peabody, Massachusetts
Illustrated by Darcy Schwartz

Dedicated to the children of the Thomas Carroll Elementary School and to the Smith Family... who really did lose their chocolate chips to a mouse family.

Special thanks to the Massachusetts Department of Education whose funding supported teachers and parents in the development of this story.

© CAST, 2005

Grateful acknowledgment is made for permission to use the following materials in this book:
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“Now that lunch is on the table,  I think I’ll bake chocolate chip cookies for my children today,” said Mother Mouse.

The three baby mice were in the next room. One baby mouse said, "I have an idea, let's make some chocolate chip cookies for Mother as a surprise."

“Where are the chocolate chips?” thought Mother Mouse.

"Did I store them in the chimney?"

"No, but here's some cheese."

"Did I store them under the chair?"

"No, but here are some potato chips."

"Did I store them under the couch?"

"No, but here is a bowl of juicy red cherries."

"Did the children have the chocolate chips for lunch?"

"I am going to go see if they have finished eating their lunch."

"Surprise! We love you so much, we baked chocolate chip cookies for you."

The End!