By Lexi Trivelis


A volcano is a mountain that extends down to a pool of magma . A volcano is the opening where the magma can erupt when the pressure is less or when there is a weak spot in the crust. 

How Do Volcanoes Form?

An eruption is when bubbles of gas separate from the liquid and force the liquid out of the volcano. After the lava erupts from the volcano, it cools and hardens and becomes rock. 

How Do Volcanoes Work?

Magma collects in large pockets and moves up a tunnel or central vent as it is leaving. Sometimes it can escape from the sides of the volcano, but most magma erupts at the top of the volcano through a bowl-shaped crater. 

Where Are There Volcanoes?

Hawaii was formed a long time ago from volcanoes, and now it is known for all if its volcanoes. Now, each Hawaiian island is made up of at least one prominent volcano. Some are still active volcanoes, and others are not.