What are Volcanoes? 


A Volcano is a large mountain with a big, circular opening at the top of it.

A volcano is formed from hot molten rock that becomes hard as it cools down. This molten rock gives the Volcano its mountain-like shape.  


The Layers of the Earth 

The part of the Earth that we live on is called the Crust.  

But, the Earth actually has 3 hidden layers that we cannot see.

These 3 hidden layers are called the inner core, the outer core, and the mantle. 

Inside the mantle, something called magma is made. 

How do volcanoes form?

When there is too much Magma inside the mantle layer, it escapes out and goes to the Crust, where we live. 

The magma flows into a volcano and then shoots out of the top of the volcano. 

This is called an eruption.  



When a Volcano erupts, lava spills out of the volcano and goes all over the ground. 

The lava gets cold and becomes hard. 

This cold, hard lava is called igneous rock.  

If the igneous rock becomes big enough, a large mountain will be made.