The Mystery of the "Lost Colony"

Roanoke Island


What happen to the colonist?

Some historians have suggested that the colonist intermarrried with the local Lumbee indians and migarted southwest to what is now Robeson County. Many shared surnames among the list of colonist and Robeson County Indian families exist.

J.White drawing
Some people believed the colonist found refuge with the Croatoan people led by Manteo. Disaster struck White's relief  voyage. Severe storms and loss of seven men forced him to seek safe seas. Unable to interest backers in paying for a return to Roanoke Island, he had to give up search for the colonist.

The only evidence left by the colonist  was the word "CROATOAN" carved  in a tree. Historians have found no evidence proving or disproving the CROATOAN theory. The carving remains the most reliable clue to the destination of the colonist when they left Roanoke.


Many historians have speculated about the fate of the colonist for more than four hundred years,but no one have found a(n) answer for this MYSTERY!!!