What is the Life Cycle of a Butterfly?

Written by: Sierra Adams, Maggie McGinn, & Tiffany Dusman

Content Area: Science

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Standard Identifer/Code: 3.1.K.A.3

Standard: Observe, compare, and describe stages of life cycles for plants and animals.

Table of Contents

Page 4: What is a life cycle?

Page 5: Butterflies around the world

Pages 6-7: Stage 1

Page 8: Stage 2

Page 9: Stage 3

Page 10: Stage 4

Page 11: The life cycle continues

Page 12: The 4 stages

What is a life cycle?

All of the stages a living thing goes through during its life is called a life cycle .

There are many different types of butterflies.

Butterflies live all around the world.

In the United States, there are 750 different species  of butterflies.

A butterfly's life cycle starts with a female butterfly laying an egg  on a leaf or plant. The butterfly eggs are small, round, and can have different textures.

The egg can hatch a few weeks after being laid on the leaf. They can also hatch  when the weather gets warm.

The next stage is the caterpillar, or larva , hatching from the egg. They are very small when they hatch.

The caterpillar begins to eat the leaf that they are hatched on. As they grow, they shed their skin 4-5 times.

The third stage of the cycle comes once the caterpillar is fully grown. The caterpillar forms a chrysalis , or pupa, on a plant or twig.

Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar's body parts change in a process called metamorphosis .

In the last stage of the life cycle, the butterfly comes out of the pupa .

Once their wings are dry, the butterfly masters flying in 3-4 hours.

The new butterfly flies to find a mate  and reproduce .

The life cycle continues.

All butterflies go through the 4 stages of the life cycle :

1. Egg

2. Caterpillar or larva

3.Chrysalis or pupa

4. Adult butterfly