Cinderella and the Three Little Pigs

by: Trayvontae Jones

Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella.  She lived in a castle by herself.  On the other side of town lived the three little pigs.

Their mom kicked the three little pigs out of the house because they were too grown to stay.  The pigs decided to live together in a house they would build.  The three little pigs made a house out of bricks. 

Cinderella found out that the three little pigs had built their house and she wanted to destroy their home. 

The pigs found out that Cinderella wanted to destroy them so they decided to build a brick fence to surround the house.  The fox was walking by and gave them some wood so the three little pigs.  They were so happy that they got some wood and were keeping a look out for Cinderella.

When the house was done the three little pigs put up a sign that said Cinderella can not enter.  Cinderella got mad and found a brick which she threw at the pigs house.  The pigs house fell down.

The pigs got dynamite and put eight pounds on dynamite on each side of Cinderella's castle.  When the bomb went off the castle blew up.

Cinderella was so angry she called animal control and the animal control person took the pigs away.  Cinderella called her brother Trayvontae to rebuild her castle.  Cinderella had a swimming pool and bought many things to fill her house.  She lived happily ever after.