4th Grade

Math Mnemonic Strategies

Rachel Perry

Fall 2018

Table of Contents


Text to Speech                                           3

Pedro the Coach                                        4

What are Mnemonic Strategies?                5

Examples of Mnemonic Strategies             6

Keyword Strategy                                       7 

First Letter Strategy                                    8 - 9

Rhymes                                                      10 -11

Songs                                                         12

References                                                 13

Text to Speech


If you would like this book read to you, just like text to speech on a Google Doc, click on the "TextHelp" icon in the upper left hand corner. You will see a green dot with a cursor arrow over it. To have the text read to you, click on the "TextHelp" icon, then click on the page in the book where you want the text to be read to you. The text will be read aloud beginning where you click your cursor.


If you would like to try reading the book on your own, but come to a word or sentence that is hard to read, you can highlight the text and click on the green arrow icon (the play button) in the upper left hand corner of the screen. This will read aloud only the text that you highlighted.

Pedro the Coach


On some pages of this book, you will see a little penquin wearing a red hat in the bottom left hand corner of the page. His name is Pedro and he is here to give you some extra information as you go through the book. If you click on Pedro, he will tell you information about the math mneomic strategy that you are reading about. Give it a try and click on Pedro now!

What are Mnemonic Strategies?

Strategies that help us remember information

Examples of Mnemonic Strategies


Keyword Strategy


First Letter Strategy





Keyword Strategy


You can use the keyword and a related sentence, image, or interactive picture to remember new information.

Pictures help us to remember the "2 family" multiplication facts

  • 2x2 skateboard with 2 sets of wheels
  • 3x2 six pack of soda
  • 4x2 spider with two sets of four legs
  • 5x2 two hands with all fingers held up
  • 6x2 dozen eggs in a carton
  • 7x2 calendar with 2 weeks circled
  • 8x2 two octopi, each with eight tentacles
  • 9x2 an 18 wheel truck 


First Letter Strategy


Use the first letters of words in a list of items or steps to create another word or sentence


When solving word problems, use CUBE

Circle the numbers
Underline important words
Box the question
Eliminate unnecessary info


To multiply a two-digit number by a two-digit number, just use MOMA.


Write the 0



First Letter Strategy


The steps for long division are Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring Down:








Multiplication Facts

6 and 8 went on a date and sat at table 48

6 x 8 = 48


Subtraction with Regrouping

More on the floor? Go next door!



Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

Hey diddle, diddle

The median’s the middle

You add and divide for the mean.

The mode is the one that appears the most,

And the range is the difference between.



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