In this age of technology, more and more people are looking for ways to make money online. Writing freelance articles is a great way to earn money online. Yes, you can make money writing online, but there are few things that you should know first.

Realize that this is a job

Realize that writing online is a job just like any other job. And, if you actually want to make money doing freelance writing, you will have to treat it like a “real” job. You will need to have a set work schedule, show up for work, and actually put in the time and energy.

Join an online writing site

One of the best ways for an online newbie to get started is to join an online writing site. Sites like Yahoo Voices and Helium are sites where new writers can join and submit quality content. Although you won’t make a fortune writing for these companies in the beginning, they are a great place to start. They allow you to write on a variety of topics that interest you. Just be sure to submit your best work. Your articles should be fact based, informative, and contain quality content. Don’t forget this is a job. Your main goal is to gain readers. If you don’t write well or just throw your articles together, your readers will lose interest and stop reading. Remember, you only make money from online writing when you have readers.

Have a plan

When you work online, it is easy to get off track. If you want to make money from your online work, you will need to have a plan of action. You must have a set work schedule. Know when you will work. Know how long you will work. Have a set time for lunch and for breaks.

You should also have a set monetary goal. Know how much money you want to make and how you will make it. You must figure out how many articles you must write per day or per week in order to reach your monetary goal and be willing to do it.

Yes, write, write

The more articles you produce, the more money you will make. Some sites offer upfront pay for your articles. Upfront pay is a good way to earn money quickly. On some sites like Helium, the upfront pay is a set amount. You select one of the topics from the assignment board, write and post your article, and if the producers like it, you receive the pre-set upfront payment. On sites like Yahoo Voices, you get to write an article, ask for upfront pay, and in about a week, you will see if they decide to offer you upfront pay for the article. On Yahoo Voices, the upfront pay is negotiable.

Upfront pay is great. However, in the long run, you will earn more money from your page views. This is why it is important to write a large volume of articles and to make sure that these articles are rich in content and quality. And, don’t forget to aim to make your cheap research paper at least 400 words or more. This increases their value to search engines

Search Engine Optimization

Although you may love writing, you do want to get paid for your work. That is the reason that you are reading this article. There is a thing called SEO techniques. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. What does SEO have to do with writing online? Everything. If you want to make money writing online, you will have to learn how to use SEO techniques. This simply means that you will need to learn how to implant keywords in your article so that it receives a high rank on search engines such as Google and/or Yahoo.


Making money writing on line takes time. YOU WILL NOT MAKE A LOT OF MONEY OVERNIGHT. It takes time and patience. It also pays to read other online producers work to see what worked for them. If you are dedicated, willing to put in the time and energy, then you can make money writing online.