Wish Upon a Shooting Star
By Lauren Pasquariello


 Max is turning six and hopes his father comes home for his birthday.  His father is a soldier and has been away for a long time.  Max is so proud of him but wants his one wish to come true.  His best friend told him that he saw a shooting star one night in which he made a wish upon and it came true.  Max asked his mother what a shooting star is and how he can see one to make his wish.

She explained, "A shooting star is a beautiful streak of light that falls through the sky.  It is caused by tiny bits of dust and rock called meteoroids that fall into the Earth's atmosphere and burn up.  The beautiful streak of light that falls is called a meteor.  If any part of the meteoroid doesn't burn all the way and hits the Earth, it is then called a meteorite."

Max thought it would be the coolest thing he would ever see in his life and was so excited to see one, "How can I find it?"

She then explained, "There are many shooting stars and you just have to be looking in the sky at the right time!  They are most likely to be seen at night during certain times of the year when meteor showers occur.  They occur when the Earth passes through the debris left by a comet as it orbits the Sun.  Since it is summer, watch out your window at night and you may see one."

Max sits by his window every night before bed hoping he might get lucky and see one twinkling toward the ground.  All he wants is to see one shooting star and make his wish upon it that his daddy makes it home in time for his birthday.  There is only four days left til his birthday and still no sign of Max's father.

The last night before his birthday Max sat beside his window in tears, he hasn't seen his daddy in six months and he really misses him.  After a half an hour of sobbing, which felt like hours, Max started to fall asllep with his head in his hands by the window sill.  A voice woke him up that sounded like his dad but it was just a dream.  Turning to lay in his bed he saw a twinkling in the corner of his eye.  Opening his window, he couldn't believe his eyes.  It was a shooting star!  Watching the amazing streak of light, he made his wish and watched it til it burned away.


The next morning he came running down the stairs with excitement, "Mommy, mommy, I saw a shooting star....it was so amazing and I made my wish."  Max waited all day for his father to show up.  As dinner was just about ready the doorbell rang and Max ran to answer it.  Upset he was that it wasn't his father but happy he was to see his best friend.

They played outside in the backyard for a few minutes until the call for dinner.  When it was time to come in, Max went into the bathroom to wash up.  Opening the door, he had to take a double look at his father standing before his eyes.  He ran to him, hugging him with happiness and telling him all about the shooting star and the wish he made that came true.

Max had the best birthday ever!