Dinosaur Facts

Two dinosaurs

Written by Denise Perry, Mary Jo Koizumi, and Linda Bell from the Linden School in Malden, MA

Illustrated by Meg Lidrbauch

Three dinosaurs
Dinosaurs lived on the Earth millions of years ago.

Dinosaurs with trees.
Some lived in the ocean but most dinosaurs lived on land.

A dinosaur.
Dinosaurs were reptiles .  Most of them had scaly skin, a long tail, teeth, and claws on their fingers and toes.

Two dinosaurs.
Scientists wonder which dinosaur was the biggest.  Was the seismosaurus or the tyrannosaurus the biggest?

Two dinosaurs in front of a tree.

Scientists wonder which dinosaur was the smallest. 

Was the smallest dinosaur the Compsognathus or the Lesothosaurus?

Three dinosaurs.
Some dinosaurs ran fast. Some dinosaurs walked slowly.  Some dinosaurs had wings and were able to fly.

Two dinosaurs.
What did dinosaurs eat?  Most dinosaurs were herbivores .  They ate plants.

Two dinosaurs eating.
A few dinosaurs were carnivores .  They ate meat.

Two dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs protected themselves from enemies in different ways.

A tyrannosaurus.
The Tyrannosaurus had long fangs and claws to protect itself.

A dinosaur with body armor.
The Ankylosaurus had a hard shell to protect itself.

A dinosaur.
The Barosaurus had a huge, strong tail that was used like a whip.

A scientist digging for dinosaur bones.
How do we know so much about dinosaurs ?  Scientists find and study dinosaur bones and fossils .

Dinosaur fossils.
Dinosaur fossils are remains of their teeth, bones, and footprints that scientists find when they dig in the ground.

Three dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs no longer live on the Earth.  They disappeared 65 million years ago.  They are extinct .

The End!

This book is dedicated to the children of Malden.

This Dinosaur Facts is an adaption from Dinofacts by Denise Perry, Mary Jo Koizumi, and Linda Bell. Illustrated by Meg Lidrbauch.

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