Washington D.C.

Washington Memorial
The George Washington Memorial

Photo was taken on a trip to Washington D.C. in April of 2009. This shot was taken from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Dana, Angie, & Chris
Great Friends

Dana, Angie and Chris standing in front of the WW II Memorial Fountain at night.

Getting ready to present to participants at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Our topic was, "A Viewpoint from  Pre-Service teachers".  Our goal was to show that math needs to be taught conceptually before it can be taught using only algorithms.  My portion was presenting technology as a means to promote conceptual teaching.

Kim At Math Presentation
Kim at Math Presentation

International Spy Museum
Spy Museum

There is a huge variety of housing types and architectural buildings in the city.  This is one example.

Not only was there a variety of architecture and housing, but there was a variety of cultures of people. 

Unique Washington DC Architecture
Unique Washington DC Architecture

Ford Theatre
Ford Theatre

This is the addition to Ford's Theatre were President Lincoln was shot.  It was a neat theatre that had a lot of Lincoln memorabilia.  It was fun to see all the memorials around the city.  It really makes history come to life.

This is the original Ford's Theatre where Lincoln was shot. The girl standing on the landing is holding a Purdue flag.  Small world.

Security is very tight in Washington DC.  I took this picture at the Office of the Attorney General.  After I took it, two guards came out and asked me what I was going to do with that picture. They asked me why I was in Washington DC.  It was a little crazy.  However, it does make me feel good that security is stepped up.  It makes me feel safe.

Fountain at the Office of the Attorney General
Fountain at the OAG

The majesty of this building is incredible.  There are so many buildings that are so ornate and awesome.  It was truly a fascinating trip.

This is a Commerce Building.  Behind the building stands the gold-domed National History Museum.

The Commerce Building
The Commerce Building

The Capitol Building from a distance.