Illustration of a fish tank containing tadpoles.

Written by Gina Stefanini

Illustrated by Darcy Schwartz

Illustration of a tadpole egg and a human finger.

Tadpoles start out in little eggs.

Illustration of two tadpoles growing inside their eggs.

Tadpoles grow and grow in the eggs.

Illustration of a tadpole inside its egg.

Tadpoles move in the egg.

Illustration of four tadpoles.

Closeup illustration of a tadpole moving its body.

Tadpoles have a tail and mouth.

They also have gills to help them

breathe under water.

Illustration of tadpoles swimming in a fish tank.

Tadpoles swim, eat, and sleep.

Illustration of a tadpole without gills.

Tadpolesgills soon disappear.

Illustration of a tadpole growing arms and legs.

Then, tadpoles' legs begin to grow.

The back legs are bigger than the front legs.

Illustration of three growing tadpoles in a tank.

Soon, tadpoles have four legs and a tail.

Illustration of a new frog in a fish tank.

Next, tadpoles have four legs and no tail.

Illustration of a fully grown frog.

A frog!


 The End