Magnificent Manners Matter

Illustration of a knight on a horse with a Manners Matter banner.

Written by Christine Dorazio, Maria Ricci, and Lucy Sneider from the George Keverian School in Everett, MA

Illustrated by Amy Ingalls

To Sir Keverian and all his little Knights of the Keverian School.

Special thanks to the Massachusetts Department of Education whose funding supported teachers and parents in the development of this story. © CAST, 2006

Illustration of a medieval village.

Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away, a King lived in a vine covered castle. He decided that the villagers should build a new school.

Illustration of 4 people dancing near a completed schoolhouse.

So everyday the villagers worked together until the school was built.

Illustration of the king holding a picture of Sir Keverian.

The King decided to name the new school after an important man in the village, Sir George Keverian.

Illustration of the Keverian School Code of Honor.

Sir Keverian was famous for creating a code of honor. The king posted this code of honor all over the school to help the children learn good manners.

Illustration of rude children.

Everyday the children came to school to learn and play. But it was not always easy to learn because some of the children were rude and did not follow the code of honor.

Illustration of noisy schoolchildren.

And because of that, children could not hear the teacher’s lessons.

Illustration of children fighting with food.

And because of that, children had a hard time eating their lunch in the food court.

Illustration of child with stomach ache.

This rude behavior bothered many of the students. And because of that, some children did not want to go to school anymore.

Illustration of the headmaster, teacher, and parent.

The headmaster, teachers and parents decided to have a meeting. How could they change the rude behavior of the children?

They thought and thought.

Illustration of headmaster thinking about Sir Keverian.

Finally, the headmaster had an idea. He decided to invite Sir Keverian, the creator of the code of honor to come visit the school.

Illustration of messenger and headmaster.

He sent a messenger to beckon Sir Keverian, the Knight.

Illustration of voices coming out of the school.

When the students heard that Sir Keverian may be coming to the school, excitement filled the air.

Illustration of Sir Keverian arriving at the school.
The next day, Sir Keverian arrived dressed in his finest armor. He was greeted by the students, teachers, and headmaster.

Illustration of a meeting.

Throughout the days that followed, he sat at the Round Table and met with each and every class. He could see there was much work to be done.

Illustration of Sir Keverian and the students.

He began by leading the children in quiet lines throughout the building. He reminded them not to touch each other or speak in the halls while walking.

Illustration of Sir Keverian and some rude students.

At lunch time, Sir Keverian sat on the stage at his own Round Table. He looked over the food court and watched the bad behavior and rude manners.

Illustration of Sir Keverian talking to the students.

Sir Keverian gently reminded the children of proper table manners. He reviewed phrases like “please”, “thank you”, “you’re welcome”, and “excuse me”.

Illustration of Sir Keverian handing out certificates.

After many weeks of practice, Sir Keverian deemed the students worthy of receiving a certificate of accomplishment. They were now proudly dubbed “Honorary Knights of Magnificent Manners”.

The End!