Blades, Mascot of the Boston Bruin
Bear Blades

What is a mascot ?


This mascot's name is Lucky.  What team do you think he represents?

In what country do you think Lucky lives? Why?

This is Pat.  What is the name of the team he represents?



The 2010 Winter OIympics is in Canada, in the province of British Columbia.

The Olympics are being held in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

2010 Winter Olympics Mascots

There are three mascots for the Olympics. 

Quatchi, Mascot of the 2010 Winter Olympics

Watch this short film about Quatchi.

Miga, Vancouver 2101 Olympic Mascot

Watch this short film about Miga.

Sumi, 2010 Vancouver Mascot

Sumi is a mascot of the Vancover  olympics and is the mascot of the Paralympic games.  Atheletes with disabilities compete in the Paralympic olympics. It will occur in Vancouver in March 2010.

Watch this short film on Sumi.

Which Vancouver mascot are you like?  Take the quiz.

Play one-on-one hockey with Quatchi, Miga and Sumi.