Working Memory for Sixth Graders

By Lauren Nickerson

Based on Research by Tracy Packiam Alloway

  • Middle School is Tough

  • Your Amazing Brain


Middle school can be tough. As a middle school student, you have many things to keep track of. Sometimes you have so many things to remember that you may forget or even lose something important. Middle school is a lot different than elementary school for most students. In elementary school most kids only had one teacher and one classroom. In middle school, you have to change teachers and classrooms for almost every subject!

The human brain is incredible. It is the control center for almost everything you do. It helps control, organize, and regulate functions that you use every day. Your body has special receptors that send messages to your brain and allow you to perform various functions. Your brain allows you to see, hear, taste, and feel the world around you!

Your brain is organized into different parts called cortical lobes. There are four cortical lobes: occipital , parietal , temporal , and frontal .