The Legend of

Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo

The Sun God, Wiracocha

A long time ago, men lived in caves and had no tools to hunt animals or plant food. They lived alone, and didn't know how to live together in harmony .

Wiracocha , the Sun God , saw all of this. He decided to send his son Manco Capac   and his daughter Mama Ocllo to help people and teach them the good ways.

Before sending them, Wiracocha  gave Manco Capac   a gold scepter and told him:

"Walk through the mountains and tap the land with this gold scepter. When it sinks into the ground you will have found the place where you must build our Empire ".

To the right, Manco Capac. To the left, Mama Ocllo

Manco Capac  and Mama Ocllo  came out of the lake Titicaca , ready to do what their father had asked them to.

Lake Titicaca

Manco Capac   and Mama Ocllo   walked through the mountains, far, far away. All the time they were taping the ground with gold scepter , but it would not sink in.

Make a prediction.

What do you think will happen next?

After many many days of walking, finally the scepter sunk in the ground of the Huanacaure mountain.

They had finally found the place where they would build the Empire !

In this land they found many people. They made friends with them, and taught them many useful things.

Manco Capac   taught the men how to hunt, plant food and build houses.


Mama Ocllo taught the women how to cook, clean the houses and make clothes from the wool of their animals .

(left to right) Above: Manco Capac teaching the men. Below: Mama Ocllo teaching the women.

Together they built a city and they named it Cuzco .

Cuzco became the center of the Inca Empire .