Where Would I Go If I Had a Million Dollars!

Written By: Bridgett Barefoot

Pictures Compliments of Bridgett Barefoot

If I had a million dollars I would fly to Hawaii!!  Oh, look! You can see the island outside of the airplane window, how beautiful.

The first thing I would do when I got to Hawaii would be to attend a real Hawaiin Luau. Look at the vibrant colors!

This is a picture of four Hawaiin girls doing a hula dance
Hawaiin Luau

I heard that bike riding down the dormant volcano, Haleakala, can be quite refreshing and is a gorgeous sight to see. That will definitely be on my list of things to do.

Girl on Bike on hill
Biking down Haleakala

Feet on a zipline

I would also like to try some of the amazing zip lines they have there. It is a good way to see some of the off-road areas and get to meet some of the locals and other tourists.

sunset on the beach
Hawaiin sunset