Exceedingly Excellent Expository Paragraphs

by Randy Ribay

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BOT will assist you by giving you tips that help him whenever he writes expository paragraphs. 




MONTY will assist you by asking your questions to help you think more deeply and understand the topic better. 




MARIA will assist you by answering Monty's question. Try to use Maria only after you've thought of your own answer to Monty's question. 

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Students will be able to compose well-organized expository paragraphs. 


Expository writers organize their ideas into paragraphs. When you are reading expository writing, you can tell where a new paragraph begins because the first line will be indented or the author will skip a line. 

When you compose expository writing, you should also organize your ideas into paragraphs. This book will guide you through the steps of writing exceedingly excellent expository paragraphs. First, you will learn about the four componentsof an expository paragraph. Second, you will practice evaluating some example paragraphs. Finally, you will practice writing your own paragraphs. 


There are four different components of a well-organized expository paragraph. 

1. The Topic Sentence 

2. The Supporting Details

3. Transition Words 

4. The Concluding or Transitioning Sentence 

1. The topic sentence is the very first sentence of the paragraph and it should state the main idea of the paragraph. All of the other sentences will be about the topic that you present in the topic sentence. Many topic sentences will contain a specific or a general number word. For example, "Basketball is my favorite sport for three reasons" or "There are several reasons why I want to go to college."


2. The supporting details elaborate upon the main idea.  These sentences, which come after the topic sentence, should elaborate upon the main idea by explaining the main idea more fully, answering questions the reader might have, or by giving examples. 


3. Transition words or phrases should be used when you present a new detail. The type of transition words or phrases you use depend on whether the sentence is adding more detail, giving an example, or presenting a counter-argument

4. The concluding or transitioning sentence is the last sentence of the paragraph. It should either provide a new insight about the main idea based on the supporting details, or it should transition into the next paragraph if you are writing a longer essay.


Before you try to write some paragraphs, you will look at a few examples and evaluate them based on the rubric above. On each page, read the paragraph and then use the response area in the bottom right-hand corner to type what score you think it should receive and why. 

See if you can do it on your own first; but if you're stuck, click on your coaches to see what they think. Bot will give you his thoughts about the topic sentence, Monty will give you his thoughts about the supporting details and transitions, and Maria will give you her opinion about the concluding sentence. 

       Grand Theft Auto 4 is a better video game than Spider Man because it is dynamic. You can hi-jack vehicles such as busses, trucks, boats and even airplanes. Also, when the cops are in a high speed pursuit it is so realistic. In Spider Man, the game, you can’t even drive a car. Another thing is in GTA 4, you can use a variety of weapons such as, AR-15, Uzi, M-16, RPG and more. You can even steal a squad car and complete vigilante missions. 

      Randy Moss is like the greatest. He's never been to jail or gotten a strike in history like other NFL stars. Randy moss played for about 12 years & was very good.  I believe he was drafted as the first pick, first round when he came from college.


       Parents who are not in love shouldn’t stay together if there is no longer any romantic connection between them. Why should they waste their time being with someone who doesn’t love them? It’s not like anyone is benefitting from the relationship. Even if they have a child together, the child has nothing to do with the physical or mental love between the man and woman. Children shouldn’t keep their parents bottled up in an unsuccessful relationship.

      Pittbull raps with Lil' John. Lil' John and Pittbull sound good together. Pittbull sounds good by himself; but as a duet they sound almost perfect. Not to mention, Little John rocks.

      The Denver Nuggets are my favorite NBA team for several reasons. First, I am from Colorado so they are my home team. I think it is good to show that you are proud of where you are from by cheering for the home team. I also like the Nuggets because they have great players. Chauncey Billups is one of the best point guards in the league. He's a great leader who knows how to motivate his team to make everyone better. They also have Carmello Anthony. Anthony has one of the highest points per game averages is in the NBA, so you know he is talented. Finally, I think the Nuggets are great because they play as a team. Even though they have good players, they work together and help each other out. I hope that the Nuggets win the championship soon. 


Select one of the writing prompts below. Respond to the prompt with one exceedingly excellent expository paragraph. Refer to the rubric as you write to ensure you earn the score you want. (Write your paragraph on a piece of paper or type it into a document you can print). 


  • Name one movie you enjoy watching and explain why.  
  • Name one movie you did not like and explain why. 
  • If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be and why? 
  • If you won a trip for two to Disney Land, who would you take with you and why? 
  • If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?

After you've finished, answer the question in the response area.

If you need help, click on your coaches. Bot will help you with the topic sentence, Monty will give you advice for the supporting details and transitions, and Maria can tell you some strategies for concluding the paragraph. 


Practice makes perfect! 


Select one of the prompts below. Respond to the prompt with one exceedingly excellent expository paragraph. Refer to the rubric as you write to ensure you earn the score you want. (Write your paragraph on a piece of paper or type it into a document you can print). 

  • If you could have any one superpower, what would it be? 
  • Which sports team is your favorite? 
  • Do you like to read?
  • What job would you like to have when you grow up?
  • Is it important to be able to speak a second language?

After you've finished, answer the question in the response area.

Try to write the paragraph without the coaches' help this time. (However, if you need it they're still here!)


You've just learned how to write an exceedingly excellent expository paragraph. Try to always remember that your expository paragraphs should contain...

1. A topic sentence that states the main idea of the paragraph so your reader clearly understands what he or she is reading about. 

2. Three to four supporting details that elaborate upon the main idea so your reader understands the main idea better.

3. Transition words or phrases that help you move from one supporting detail to the next in order to help your reader follow your train of thought.

4. A concluding or transitioning sentence that ties everything together and provides a sense of closure to the main idea. 

Good luck to you on your future expository endeavors!