The Tortoise and the Hare

A Great Tale Retold Through a UDL Lens

Written and Illustrated by Mira Singer


UDL Supports by Kristin Robinson and Anne Meyer

Once upon a time, there was a

Tortoise  and a Hare .

One day, the animals held a fair. All the animals were excited to take part in different games.

Everyone drew a flag out of a bag to see what game they would play.


One of the games was a big race.

The Tortoise and the Hare drew flags for the big race.

The time for the race arrived. The Tortoise and the Hare lined up at the starting line . Ready, set, go!

The race was a long distance run across a field of wildflowers.

Everything started out fine, but soon the Hare got distracted,

and the Tortoise got bored with the long, simple race course.

Wow, this doesn't seem to be working for either of you.

Let's try something else. I'll design a new race course with two paths to the finish line.

This course is a long road around the forest. It requires speed and there are few distractions.

This other course is a path that goes through the forest. It is shorter but there is a lot to see, and it is more challenging to navigate.

Ready? Begin!

"This is much better!" said the Hare.  "I can concentrate because there aren't any distractions, and the smooth road lets me run as fast as I want!"

The Tortoise thought, "This is much better! The path is more interesting, and because it's shorter, I have time to think it through."


"I made it through the woods," said the Tortoise, "and there's the finish line, just on the other side of that river! But how do I get across? That branch might make a good bridge..."

Just then, the Hare came running around the bend.

"Whoa!" exclaimed the Hare. "I made it around the forest, but now how do I cross the river?  Let me think. I have an idea! Those rocks might make good stepping stones ."

"Victory by a Hare!"

         "And a Tortoise!"

"I guess we both win. That was fun!"

"That looked like fun!" said the Bird.  "Can I be in the next race? The only problem is that your race courses would be too easy for me. I want a challenge, too!"

"Us too!" said the other animals.

We're going to need help with this. Here's a challenge for you. Design a course that's challenging but not impossible for another pair of animals!