The Frog Prince

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. Her favorite toy was a golden ball. 

One day the princess was playing with her ball. She threw it high in the air....SPLASH! The ball fell into the well. 

The princess began to cry.

A frog popped his head out of the well and asked her "What is wrong princess?"

The princess told the frog that her ball fell into the well and she could not reach it. 

The frog said " I will get it for you princess, but you have to do something for me!"

The princess told the frog that she would do whatever he wanted.

The frog told the princess that he wanted to be her friend and live with her at the castle.

The princess said "Yes I promise!"

So the frog went deep into the well found the ball and threw it up into the grass. 

"Oh! My ball" said the princess, she picked it up and ran away. 

"Wait, Wait!" the frog yelled. "You have to take me with you!"

The princess did not wait, she ran all the way home and soon forgot all about the poor little frog. 

The next day, at supper the king and princess were eating and they heard a knock at the door.

The princess jumped up and ran to open the door. When she did she saw the frog! She slammed the door and went back to the table.

The king asked who was at the door and when she told him he made her go back to the door and let the frog in. 

The king said " You must keep your promise  and do as the frog says. "

The frog asked to eat off her plate and sleep in her bed.

The princess was not happy but she helped the frog to her plate and carried him up the stairs to her room. 

She kept getting more mad and more mad every time the frog asked for something mad that she threw him against the wall!

Now he was a tall handsome prince!!

"A wicked witch turned me into a frog, now the spell is broken!" the prince said. 


The very next day the prince and princess were married. 

The prince took the princess back to his land where they lived happily every after.