Writing in Third Grade

Important stages for being an expert writer

How to organize your writing can be overwhelming.  If you take it in steps it will make a huge difference.  There are five important steps that need to be completed to make it successful.  


Step One: Brainstorming

During this step it is important to focus on one topic you want to write about.  This will be placed in the middle.  Any words, feelings, or thoughts that come to mind you will put in bubbles outside of your main topic. 

Remember during brainstorming do not worry about spelling and try to use only a few words in each bubble.  Your just trying to get your thoughts down. 

Step Two: Draft

The draft step is taking your ideas from brainstorming and forming sentences.  This is usually the messy, repetitive, and the copy that is full of mistakes, which is okay. 

Step Three: Revision

This is the step where you may have to change and rewrite sentences to make it sound better.  We will work on rearranging ideas and sentences to make our writing more clearer. 


Step Four: Editing

This is the stage, finally where spelling matters.  Carefully re-read your paper to check for errors.  Some errors to look for are grammar, spelling,and punctuation. 

Step Five: Publishing

This step is your final one.  Get a nice piece of lined paper and begin copying your writing using pen.   Make sure to write in your best hand writing. 

If you make a mistake try using white out before you start over. 

Now that you are experts in writing are you ready to begin another paper?