Welcome to the story of Zooof.

I wrote this story and my son, Johnny, created the illustrations.  We had a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Enjoy the story!


story by Sandy Sumpter

illustrations by Johnny Reynolds

Once upon a time, on a planet far, far, far, far, (and I mean VERY FAR) away, there was a town called Zingopolis. In this town lived the Zingots. The funny thing about the Zingots was that they all looked exactly alike.

And then...there was Zooof.

Zooof was different from the other Zingots.

Zooof was a little different. So what, right? Wrong. Since all of the other Zingots looked the same, they thought there was something wrong with Zooof. Poor Zooof was teased and bullied by the other Zingots and nobody wanted to be his friend. His mother told him over and over, "Don't be sad, Zooof, it's ok to be different."

But Zooof was sad.

One day, Zooof was out in the forest feeling sad. He sat on a stump, and said to himself, "I wish I was the same as all the other Zingots."

Suddenly, he heard a voice.

"Did I hear a wish?" asked the strange voice.

When Zooof looked toward the voice, he couldn't believe his eyes! There on the side of a tree was a caterpillar.

Now caterpillars are not unusual in the Zingopolis forest but...

...this caterpillar was different.

Zooof looked puzzled.

"I'm sure I heard a wish," the caterpillar said, "and I love granting wishes!"

"Zimby, Zamby, Zoogle," said the caterpillar, and suddenly Zoof felt as if he were falling.

Zooof couldn't believe it...he looked just like all the other Zingots. He was so happy, he jumped for joy! Zooof thanked the caterpillar and ran home.

When Zooof got home, his mother didn't recognize him. In fact, nobody recognized him.

"Where's Zooof?" one Zingot cried.

"Where could he be?" another Zingot said.

"We need Zooof!" said yet another, "He's the only one who can save us!"

"What's happening?" asked Zooof.

"There has been a terrible accident!" said the Zingot. "The dam has broken and the river is flooding! We need Zooof with his long legs to carry us to the other side of the river, before we all drown!"

Zooof ran as fast as he could, back to the forest to look for the caterpillar. He realized that with his shorter legs, he could not run as fast as he used to. He ran and ran until he finally reached the log and saw the caterpillar.

"Please help me get my long legs back," said Zooof. "I need them to save my fellow Zingots."

"I can help you," said the caterpillar, "but you must realize that I will only be able to grant you one more wish after this, for you may only have 3 wishes."

"OK, OK," said Zooof, "just please hurry!"

"Zoogle, Zamby, Zimby!" said the caterpillar...and Zooof was back to himself again.

Zooof ran home (much quicker now, with his longer legs) and everyone was glad to see him.

Zooof carried all of the Zingots across the river to safety and became the hero of Zingopolis.

Zooof never did ask the caterpillar for his third wish. He decided he didn't need it. He liked himself the way he was...

...and so did everyone else.


1.  How was Zooof different from the other Zingots?







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2.  How did the other Zingots feel about Zooof in the beginning of the story?


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3.  How did their feelings change by the end of the story?


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4.  What was the first wish that the caterpillar granted for Zooof?


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5.  What was the second wish he granted?


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6.  Why did the Zingots need Zooof?


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7.  Did Zooof ever ask for his third wish?


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1)  TEXT to SELF:  Think about a time when you felt different.  Tell how you felt and why.



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2)  TEXT to TEXT:  Tell about how something in this story is similar to another story you have read or someone has read to you.


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3)  TEXT to WORLD:  Do you think that people should be judged by how they look?  Why or why not?


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Zooof became a hero in the end of the story.  What is your definition of a hero?  What qualities does a hero have?

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